About us

Strength because of structure

LABS1503 was born out of the experience and knowledge gained from starting a small orthodontic practice and turning it into the biggest orthodontic clinic in the world. The growth never stopped and LABS1503 was born, an international network excelling in providing cutting edge healthcare and improving the quality of life.

What we are known for by most

What are our accomplishments?


Most successful orthodontic clinic in the world with over 4,000 case starts per year

30 years

30 years combined experience within the healthcare industry


Coached over 1000 clinicians to reach their goals worldwide

Who we are

About our team

Zuzana Ďuričková

Zuzana's position requires to continuously analyse every aspect of the company's processes, train staff, test staff, test the efficiency of the processes and find ways to improve them...

Matúš Valach

The dental guru of practice optimization. Matúš has a passion for analyzing, reshaping, and making dental practices financial and organizational successes. His strategic approach and numbers-driven management, while keeping practices patient-centered, set him apart as a visionary in the field.

Peter Sanchez

Peter has experience in growing the largest ortho clinic in the world two years in a row and a start up of another SR branch in Brno, turning it within a year to one of the top 5 clinics in the world by number of new starts...

Daniele Mastracci

Daniele is one of the two visionaries behind the Svět rovnátek brand. He and his partner broke down all aspects of a dental practice and built them back up to make them efficient and profitable...