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Immersion Day

A day in the most successful practice in the world.

Immersion session: a day at the Svět rovnátek practice in Prague
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8 hours


7 participants


3 key parts


Main Agenda

  • The clinic, who we are, how we did it.
  • Live patient workflow observation
  • Mock consultation process
  • A-Z optimised workflow


  • How to go from 50 to 500 Case starts
  • Practice profitability
  • Economics: setting goals, understanding profit, chair time capacity


  • Lead generation and marketing best practices
  • Evaluating patient experience
  • Reduce time taken on treatment plans
  • Workflow management

Why choose us?


The world's largest provider of clear aligner therapy for the fourth year in a row.

10 000 +

More than 10 000 patients treated.

The biggest surprise on what I’ve seen at Svet rovnatek practice is the efficiency of the flow of work and the fact that the dentists themselves don’t have to do so much of the clinical work, that it can be delegated to the assistants and nurses. Everything just flows more efficiently.

Dr. Melissa Patel
Smile Dental Practice Croydon

Join our immersion session

8 hours
max. 7 participants

10 000 Euro

Capacity of two Immersion day sessions per week with max capacity of 7 Doctors.
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